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Beaver Creek Farm Gallery
Our Contented Cattle on Flint Hills Pasture
The Twins
Occasionally we get a bonus.  The twins are now two months old.  We thought you might like to see how they are doing.  Mom takes good care of them and they are growing and active.  We named them Mutt and Jeff, one was smaller then his sister.
Beaver Creek Farm Headquarters
Our first batch of Spring Calves
More to come

Our cattle forage on winter grass through the winter.  The dried grass provides roughage they need but not enough protein.  We supplement them with a low starch protein feed that complies with Grass-fed standards.  We will start cutting back on the feed around the first of April.  
Feeding time at Beaver Creek Farm
Bottle Calf
Occasionally we have to nurse maid a calf.  This calf's mother's udders are too large so we are bottle feeding her.  She (the calf is doing well) and Shirley is getting exposed to real ranch life.
Our Herd Sire "Calvin"
Registered Polled Herford