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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 100% grass-fed?
Our cattle are raised to meet or exceed U.S. Department of Agriculture criteria for the “grass (forage) fed marketing claim standard.” They eat a rich diversified diet of native prairie grasses, legumes and forbs. In winter, they graze and eat hay cut from these sources. They are provided a low starch protein supplement formulated to be compatible with ruminant animals and qualify as grass fed. 

  • Why 100% grass-fed?
Grass-based cattle production is especially suited to our region, given the rich prairie earth and grasses surrounding us. By feeding cattle forage, we can maximize the potential of our natural gifts, minimize costly inputs that can pollute our environment, and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Studies also show 100% grass-fed beef is a healthy choice in meat. As noted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, “Raising cattle on pasture lessens environmental damage, improves animal health, and reduces antibiotic use. Over the past decade, numerous scientific studies have shown that the meat and milk from pasture-raised animals are higher in fats that may confer health benefits on humans.”

  • What about hormones and antibiotics?
Our 100% grass-fed cattle are free of synthetic hormones, steroids, growth stimulants, or pre-medicated feeds. They are also raised without the routine use of antibiotics.
If an antibiotic is needed on an animal, the ear tag that identifies that animal is documented so that no animal receiving treatment are run through our finishing program.

  • How does it taste?
Succulent and substantive and slightly chewy but tender, our beef is infused with the sweetness of native prairie grasses. It imparts a subtle flavor conveying the essence of our Kansas soil and forage. We think it’s delicious, but don’t take our word for it -Try it!

  • Does grass-fed beef require different cooking techniques?
Grass-fed beef will be lower in fats and marbling than grain fed beef. Generally we have found that cooking at a lower heat produces greater results. Grilling steaks from grass-fed beef should be done on indirect heat and at a lower temperature. Medium doneness will provide a more tender dining experience. Roasts may need to be cooked a little longer than grain-fed beef. 

  • Why local?
By knowing and trusting your farmer or producer, you can judge farming methods and product quality yourself. By buying local, you are also supporting your community, helping to keep your local economy vibrant, and reducing the cost and fuel-use associated with long-distance transportation.

  • What is the Order process for 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef?
Because you will love the all-natural pure country flavor of Beaver Creek Farm beef we offer to you a way to capture that dining experience in your freezer at a greater savings.
Ordering a whole, half, or split quarter beef from Beaver Creek Farm is a totally customized process that integrates the service of highly skilled State of Kansas inspected butchers and your family's dining and entertaining preferences.
When custom-cutting an all natural beef, we will guide you through our recommended approach, based on our experience in working with customers of widely varying tastes and needs.

Please understand that supplies are extremely limited and, therefore, subject to availability. Advance ordering is required 

  • What are the Cutting Options?
Based on our experience serving our customers, we can assist you in deciding how to have your beef package processed into various cuts.
Prior to ordering, we recommend you consider the following:
    •Will you use this meat more for entertaining or family meals at home?
    •  How many in your family? How many do you typically entertain?
    •Do you prefer bone-in or boneless cuts?
    •Do you want the tenderloin left whole?
We will review with you the various options available for cutting. 

For example:
If you purchase a whole beef, you can choose
    •  KC steaks and a whole tenderloin from one half
    •Porterhouse and T-bone steaks (which contain the KC and various sized portions of the tenderloin) from the other half.

If you purchase a 1/2 beef, however, you will have fewer options because there is only one tenderloin per side of an animal. You'll need to choose from:

    • Tenderloin fillets with KC steaks
    •Porterhouse and/or T-bone steaks

All of the heritage meat you will receive will be custom-cut to your specifications. All cuts will be vacuum sealed in freezer-safe material and flash frozen to retain tenderness and flavor.

We do offer an option for custom cut quarters, halves and whole beef orders.  We do use a locker that is not USDA inspected for custom orders.  The locker is state inspected and meets all state safety requirements.  The meat is doubled wrapped; first in plastic, then in butcher paper.  We have had great success with this option and have had some meat in our personal freezer for as long a 3 years and it was still very good (we do not sell meat that is that old to our customers).  This method will save you money over custom processing at a USDA facility.  Many of our customers choose this option.

Enjoy the ease and savings of purchasing a half or quarter of beef.  That same great all natural Grass-Fed flavor, cut to you specifications! 

Our cattle are bred, born, fed, and raised on native Flint Hills pastures.  The are under our constant care until they in the hands of our USDA butcher.  We employ gentle handling techniques to reduce stress and provide a contented animal, important to the texture, tenderness and flavor of Grass-Fed Beef.  After slaughter our beef are dry aged 10-14 days for maximum tenderness and flavor.

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