Why Grass Fed? Why Grass Fed?
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Why Grass Fed?
This process is not new, it’s the way our forefathers did it.
Raised on native Flint Hills Grass our cattle feed solely on the native grasses of the Flint Hills in a stress free and beautiful environment. We select only the best animals in our herd to provide to our customers.

We never treat our cattle with synthetic hormones or antibiotics. We do inoculate for a few common diseases and viruses to protect the health of the herd.

We strive to keep our cattle stress free and happy by using gentle handling techniques. Stress increases the pH level of meat, causing the meat to begin breaking down almost immediately after butchering. Short-term stress leads to toughness and flavor loss in meat.*
So Why Natural Grass-Fed Products?

Grass-fed products have as much as:

  • 5 times more cancer-fighting CLA,

  • 4 times more vitamin E,

  • 3 times more heart-friendly omega-3s, and 

  • Twice as much beta-carotene,

  • It is also lower in calories, total fat, and saturated fat. **

*GRASS-FED CATTLE, by Julius Ruechel, copyright 2006, Storey Publishing
**Grassfed, the informed Choice, copyright 2010, Stockman Grass Farmer


Our grass-fed meat is available in several different venues:

1)We direct sell to our customers through area farmers markets during the summer months. Watch for notifications on this web site or on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/BeaverCreekFarmDexterKS  Like us on Facebook and get all of our posts, we feature favorite recipes, farmers market news, harvest information, activities at Beaver Creek Farm, and Beef Check Off posts. 

2)We direct sell at the farm. We are easy to find about 20 miles east of Arkansas City, Kansas, just south of U.S. 166. See the map. But please call before you come, we could be out taking care of cattle and we do occasionally go to town. Speaking of which, we will deliver within in a 75 mile area. Delivery charges may apply.

3)Bulk orders, we sell quarters, halves and whole beef when we harvest. There is some savings you can realize if you have the freezer space for the beef. Watch for notifications on this web site and on Facebook for harvest times. We generally harvest two or three times a year, Spring, Summer and Fall. 

4) Try out new on-line store, point, click, and delivered straight to your store!
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