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Beaver Creek Farm is located in the Southern Flint Hills of Kansas. Our focus is raising Flint Hills Grass-Fed Beef on native Flint Hills pastures. We do not farm any of our ground and strive to raise our cattle as naturally as possible on large range pastures of native grass. Although not a member or certified with the American Grass-Fed Association as of now, we make every effort to comply with their standards.

Located south of Dexter, Kansas off of U.S. 166 our closest cities are Arkansas City, Winfield, Coffeyville, Ponca City, Bartlesville and Wichita.  

Our mission is to provide a healthy, quality grass-fed beef experience to our friends and customers. We operate with integrity on Christian principles, taking serious the stewardship we have been entrusted with for the land.

We hope you enjoy exploring our web site and check back regularly to view our updates. 

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Looking for some great recipes to get you started?  Look no further, we've collected some of our favorites right here!
Here are some helpful tips for handling and cooking your Beaver Creek Grass Fed Beef!
"I was a little “skeptical” about purchasing “Lean” meat. I’ve always liked my “Grain Fed” cattle. But I must admit to enjoying the lean. I’ve eaten some steaks and hamburger and they both were excellent. My oldest son (a food guru) even said that the hamburgers I cooked out on the grill were very good. Now I’ll be trying out the roasts for Sunday dinner and I’m sure it will be just as excellent as the other choices of meat I’ve eaten already. Thanks for all you help and keep up the good work."


"Our hamburger is just great. It does taste a little different (I think a little sweeter) than grocery store meat and not a bit of fat. It also digests better, we don't have any trouble with indigestion as we do with grocery store meat. We are really enjoying it."

Irene & Charlie

We tried a couple of T-Bone steaks w/ Daddy Hinkles seasoning and tenderized them with a Jaccard meat tenderizer. Cooked on a gas grill on med. heat. Came out perfect and can't wait to get more steaks. Thanks Gary

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